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Originally Posted by The Tom
What kind of stuff does Gio Gonzalez have. From what I gather, he relies on a killer curve. What kind of velocity does he project as he gets older? Also, I'm getting contradictory reports on McCarthy. Some say he's power pitcher and other's say he's a finesse guy. Which is he?
I just had an interview with McCarthy and right now he's a finesse pitcher in a power pitchers body. The thing is, he gets power pitcher results.

The thing that stands out the most about McCarthy is he is seeing climbs in his velocity. He can already throw his fastball threw a tea-cup so as his velocity continues to develop he should be able to have pinpoint control of what I believe can become a 93-95 MPH fastball.

Right now his velocity is a bit up and is frequently as high as 93. He pitches somewhere in the 91-93 MPH range now, while last year it was the 88 MPH range.

The other thing McCarthy has added to his repetoire is a good changeup. He changed the grip on it this spring and its taken off well. He's getting more and more comfortable with it and feels it can turn into a plus pitch in time. I think its one of the reasons you've seen his hit totals drop this year.

Hope that helps
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