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Originally Posted by The Tom
What about Lumsden? He has struggled as well. His scouting reports say he had one of the most live arms in the draft (good velocity, movement anyways), but his college stats were sub-par. I know its early, but is he gonna be another Sox pitcher with great stuff that can't convert it into success. What are his problems so far?
He could turn out well or be another Wyatt Allen. I was pretty surprised they started him at W-S. I thought he could have used at least a few innings at Kanny, but W-S has been short arms all year and McCarthy's been the only guy to earn a promotion to W-S anyways.

He's inconsistent in his mechanics. When guys who have just been drafted are pushed the way a couple of these guys have been, I mean really challenged, they are going to struggle. Most of the time the instructors are working with these guys a lot on the side and telling them not to worry about results, trying to correct the major flaws and working their way down. Pitchers especially are often times slow to change, most have been throwing in a certain way their whole lives. Lumsden has the body and the arm, but repeating his mechanics and having a stable mental approach are the biggest things to settling him down. Don't be surprised if he starts back at W-S next year and does very well. This first taste of pro-ball for 2004 draftees is going to be a learning experience, and that's it, IMO. You can't really judge by the numbers alone.
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