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Originally Posted by California Sox
By and large I tend to agree that the best players from college ball can jump quickly to high A. In White Sox history, Robin bypassed high-A, Frank dominated in his brief stay, Reed dominated in half a season as did Brian Anderson. Here's the question: Josh Fields is really struggling. I know it is waaaay to early to panic, but is he not as advanced as a hitter as most thought? Thanks.
I don't believe that's necessarily the case. I don't think he's as refined a hitter as any of those 3 or 4 you mentioned. He and Brian Anderson are probably most comparable coming out of NCAA. Anderson went to Great Falls and didn't get a taste of High A ball until this spring, and yes he did dominate. Fields has his share of things to work on, and losing half to 2/3rds of each of the past 3 years to football certainly didn't help one iota in his refinement or polish.

Adjusting to wood bats, the pitching, etc. This isn't necessarily an indication of anything, and the kid is a real hard worker, so I'd expect a big improvement when he get's a chance to step back and learn from this experience.
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