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Originally Posted by Randar68
Here is my point. Even in high A-ball, you have many raw 20-22 year olds, akin to most starting players in major D1 programs. Are their ceilings as high? not most of the time. The best players from D1 can make the jump to High-A ball and it is only a slight adjustment for them. I think Pac-10, SEC, and Big 12 baseball is a better level of competition than low A ball, but I clearly said it's not to the level of High A, slightly below.

I stand by my assessment.
First off, I respect both Randar's and Rex's opinions. I happen to stumble across this as I was browsing the pages of Baseball America. This is from the Ask BA section, Jim Callis anwsers and deals with pitchers...
  • What do you think good college baseball (Big 12, SEC, ACC, Pac-10) is equivalent to for pitchers? Is it like a pitcher facing a Double-A team? Because when you use aluminum bats, it obviously enhances a hitter's ability.

I love and respect college baseball as much as just about anyone. I was BA's primary guy on the college beat from 1989-97 and I've vacationed at the College World Series every summer since. But I wouldn't come close to likening college baseball to Double-A.

The top college players, maybe a handful each year, could step in to pro ball and handle Double-A. On the highest level of college baseball, teams might have a couple of players who could hold their own in high Class A and a few who would be ready for low Class A, but the majority of them would be equivalent to short-season and upper-level Rookie ball players. Of course, even the best college teams are going to have several players who aren't even going to play pro ball. On a whole, I'd say the upper echelon of college baseball is equivalent to short-season ball, maybe low Class A if you're looking at it from the pitching side and want to give them extra credit for facing aluminum bats. But even the most powerful college lineups are not the equal of a high Class A lineup. They might be in the middle of the lineup, but not from one through nine.
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