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Originally Posted by Randar68
It's hard to rate someone who's been injured as a disappointment, IMO. My pick? Reed was only hitting .275 when he was traded, but I don't think I'd pick him. Nanita didn't do much at W-S, but has been red-hot since returning to Kanny. It's hard to pick any of the real young guys in A ball because much of their struggles were somewhat expected... I guess I could see Honel, just not real comfortable with doing that to someone who's basically hurt, not due to lack of ability or poor performance.

Biggest leap forward? I'd still put McCarthy on there going from Rookie league to High A and with the level of ability he's shown. Rogowski seems to have regained prospect status, but he needs to move up.

In addition, I still don't think Morse has a position. He doesn't hit enough to play first, and his power is below average at 3rd. I'm still curious as to why he was suspended 15 days. If it was for steroids, it would certainly explain his sudden jump in production.
I wish BA would have tweaked the list so that it included a Sox prospect. They were able to make mention that Morse was traded in the Garcia deal, so why list him under the Sox? Honel was a cheap pick as well. The guys hurt for christ sake.

Apologies, I didn't realize the article was in the pay only section.
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