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Originally Posted by Randar68
44:29 K:BB ratio, you had it reversed.

That ios not terrible, but he's basically playing at a level just slightly above what he played at in College, and only Casey Rogowski has been hitting anything consistently in W-S, it's not like he's overly protected hitting in that line-up.

Do Anderson and Borchard have higher ceilings than Reed? I'd say yes on both counts, but I'd also say that Reed had a higher likelihood of success or of being a good regular MLB contributor. One was a sure thing with a low likelihood of that turning into a star, and the other 2 have star potential with a lower likelihood of reaching it.
First of all, hello..... I never knew there was a minor league thread at WSI, so I am a little late in chiming in here. But I do feel the need to address one thing.

High A ball is not "slightly above Division I baseball". I love college baseball and see much SEC Baseball every year. But in no way is the quality of baseball in the major college conferences even close to high A. Yes, the best players (maybe 1-2 per team) at that level could take a shot at High A. But the rest are not close.

Think of it this way.... Most college rosters have 2-4 kids per year get drafted max. The rest either never get drafted or they get drafted a year or two later. Kids that are freshman and sophomores would not likely be in high A if they had signed out of high school instead. Only a rare few. Many of the college juniors and seniors never even make it to high Class A. Most never get drafted at all. College baseball is good baseball and it is very exciting to watch, but your best teams would have difficulty competing in low Class A, if that. Most are probably more comparable to Advanced Rookie leagues.
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