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Originally Posted by Cowch44
Sounds like Dan Wright on a good day.

"Man can that kid pitch."
Wasn't Danny Wright actually decent in long relief last season? Because when he would start he would be good for like 3 innings and then fold and give up a ton of runs.
Originally Posted by fsphog
seems like kw likes screwing with rauchs head, bring him up for a start, tell him he earned a spot on the team after the cleveland game, dont pitch him for over tow weeks and then sends him down (like it was rauchs fault he didnt pitch). anyhow, from what ive heard rauch has been pitching with a bad right knee for a while, and has been keeping his mouth shut to keep the brass happy. (for trade reasons i guess) looks like it was a little late to say something since he left the game early today and apparently didnt have anything to get guys out. maybe its time this guy had some different scenery to look at.
You're right, it was for trade purposes. After Rauch's great start vs. Cleveland they didn't want to hurt his trade value by giving him another start and a chance to tank it. So they warmed him up a few times without putting him in the game to "showcase" him to scouts. This was intended to shop Rauch to Atlanta Braves' scouts for the Russ Ortiz trade. But as it happened, KW got Freddy and Atlanta started winning so they decided to keep Ortiz as their ace.

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