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Originally Posted by rdivaldi
No, the thread became usless the instant you 2 started bickering like little school girls. I for one would have liked to have read an interesting thread about one of our recent draftees.
My bad, I jumped straight to the last quote, I didn't read all the bickering. And just so you know, I wasn't bickering. I was asking. The OTHER 2 were bickering.
2005 Baseball Prospectus player comments:

Scott Podsednik
"...he could be a nice bench player...he's going to do quite well in helping Minnesota win another AL Central crown."
Freddy Garcia
"Garcia is not a bad pitcher, but he's not much better than an average one."
Jon Garland
"The White Sox take pride in noting that Jon Garland is now their fifth starter, which obscures the fact that he pitches like a fifth starter."
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