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Originally Posted by Randar68
1) This belongs in the "Minor Observations" board
2) He was considered a future first-round pick a year ago in the Cape Cod League both hitting and pitching very well. The Sox are DH'ing him on his off-days. He is likely to be a future pitcher, and has proto-type size, but just needs to refine his mechanics. However, he is an intruiging 1B prospect as a 6'5" LH'ed power hitter. Letting him do both will allow the scouting staff to get a better understanding and determination of his potential at both positions.
Your logic doesn't doesn't cut it. Whisler was a high pick, in fact a reach where they drafted him. If the scouting staff needed to get a better determination of his potential they wouldn't have taken him that high. Someone with the Sox really likes him.

Whisler regressed badly the last two years as a hitter at UCLA. His future is on the mound, and it's not a very bright one in my opinion.
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