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Originally Posted by MarkEdward
According to The Sports Network, he is:
Enemencio Pacheco was also placed on the DL. I checked the Barons' site for an update, but they don't seem to have anything. So any word on the status of Honel?

BTW, I'm not a big fan of the Barons' site? Who thinks it's a good idea to put 'whoosh' sounds onto a site, and why do they think like this?
Honel is likely out for the season. I'm trying to find out the exact status of each of them. But the org is miffed at Honel because they don't have a clue whats wrong, unless something new appeared. He supposedly has no pain, which is good, but a bad side-effect called no velocity.

Hopefully things can work out for him. I'm still wondering if Wing had his operation or not.
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