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Originally Posted by Randar68
I have addressed, responded to, and refuted just about every one of your "points" or "ideas" hundred of times. You expect me to repeat it as often as you feel like posting the same garbage over and over?

If the answer is yes, tough ****. If the answer is no, THEN STOP POSTING THE SAME CRAP!
Actually you haven't. All you've done is repeatedly insult me or swear. I won't bug you with hard baseball questions anymore. Or things that may actually cause debate. It's clear that if people don't agree with your one line statments that should be taken as gospel then all they do is get mocked and insulted by you.

Because we all know your opinion is the 100% correct, informed opinion and anyone who disagrees with you knows nothing about baseball as you are truly a White Sox insider and know everything that happens behind closed doors in their organization.

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