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Originally Posted by gosox41
But you still haven't addressed any baseball issues, Kenn...I mean Randar. All you do is fly off the handle and insult. Kind of reminds me of KW going off on Rauch and losing his temper. It's nice that you know so much about who the Sox may draft, who's going to sign and all the other stuff. But you fail to address other baseball questions unless you reply with insults. Makes me think I am more and more right if you can't respond to a question without insulting someone.
I have addressed, responded to, and refuted just about every one of your "points" or "ideas" hundred of times. You expect me to repeat it as often as you feel like posting the same garbage over and over?

If the answer is yes, tough ****. If the answer is no, THEN STOP POSTING THE SAME CRAP!
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