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Originally Posted by Cubbiesuck13
i don't think any of them have shown the promise that they had hoped. even in a single start that they get rocked they can show promise. perhaps kw and guillen did not see it. i think they did in rauch. i think that is the reason why he is back up. i agree that they should stick with one guy for more than a start. it hurts that there is more than a couple guys blowing away AA and AAA hitters in that respect. if anything, it shows how bad they want to win NOW. i applaud the tenacity but think it is time to let rauch run with it one way or the other. if the rest of the staff would settle down again we really would not need another pitcher to win the division. it would help getting to the world series but first thing is first.

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I just don't get how the Sox organizaiton can rate a 22 year old pitcher after one start in the majors and determine he's not the answer.

Then again look at the Sox record of drafting pitching the last 7 years and it may explain a lot. Some of these guys have put up great numbers in the minors. Why not show faith in them. They're kids. Don't destroy confidence or judge after one start. It looks like you're panicking and does nothing good for the development of these kids, something the Sox have failed in the last 7 years when it comes to pitching.

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