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Originally Posted by Randar68
Lock yourself in a closet and throw away the key. That way you will be less informed (not sure if it's possible) about prospects, therefore you can't cry about them being hyped.


You are some kind of dumb.
OK I'll get right on that oh great Randar.

I'm betting more and more you work for the team in some capacity. Are you KW's right hand man? Rick Hahn's assistant. You certainly to claim to know a lot about Nardi and issues like that without backing up with proof, but have plenty of insults to throw around.

So if you are working for the Sox organizaiton in some capacity with the minor leagues maybe you should lock yourself in a closet. You don't want to actually seem to talk about the future. Of coursebased on recent history it looks pretty dim. KW's inability to find an adequate starter and creating this merry-go-round. And why call up the organization's top prospects when you can bring up 27 year old third string catchers. I'm sure according to you it's a good thing to bring up Diaz or Munoz for a sport start to let them get knocked around so you can send then back down and use up options that you'd rather save on Reed/Borchard so we can see Burke. But of course you clearly know all as you claim. Of course that should be in teal. As whenever someone questions your logic or thinking your best argument is to insult them.

It really helps support the point your making since no one here is as intellectually superior as you.

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