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Originally Posted by CubKilla
Doesn't matter. The one's KW kept/dealt haven't turned into anything more than, at best, average MLB players.
Outside of Wells, it doesn't appear that anyone we've traded away has done much either. So I don't think it can realistically be argued that Kenny's somehow giving away our good palyers and keeping bad ones.

That said - it does leave open the question of how "good" our system was back when it was so highly rated. Most of the guys who made it highly rated are stil around: Borchard, Crede, Rauch, Garland. They just haven't turned into stars.

And for what it's worth, between fully homegrown and acquired minor leaguers, we've developed 3 solid MLB starters since 2000 - Buehrle, Garland, Kip Wells. Without any stats to back it up, that seems to be at least above average for MLB teams - just under 1 a year. The current 5th starter debacle makes it seem worse than it really is.
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