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Originally Posted by Randar68
Bob, the only reason you keep hearing about them is because people like myself, Daver, Rex, Vic, ChiSoxFan, etc enjoy talking about them, discussing their merits as prospects, strengths, weaknesses, etc. If you are going to cry afoul because people discuss them and then you bitch and moan when some of them fail, then DON'T READ THE ****ING THREADS!

Otherwise, SHUT THE **** UP.
Aren't you bitter??? Please try reading my all of posts first, I'll try to use bright colors and bold to make them clearer. And I love how you answer questions with the cussing.

But you're right, I never have heard of any of those guys except from people posting at this web site. Not one time has Reed or Borchard or Rauch's name been mentioned anywhere else in the world except for here let alone anyone else in the Sox minor league system.

You may know a lot more then me about the Sox farm system and who's going to sign or get shipped where or whatever. Maybe you work for the team, I don't know and don't care. But you haven't answered any of my questions directly without cussing me out or calling me names or getting all emotional. Still doesn't help explain all the problems with the Sox and their farm system.

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