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Originally Posted by Rex Hudler
I thought the same exact then when I heard Becker was coming up instead of Rogowski. They could move Murphy, but he is a veteran presence and is good for that team. Bikowski won't go anywhere unless he is traded. Sasser playes 3B so that doesn't help us, although I think he could be let go. Not sure what the deal with Becker is. I envision an OF of mostly Anderson, Spidale and Bikowski, with Becker at 1B. Murphy and Rogowski can rotate in while also DH'ing, but that leaves out Martel who is a pretty good AA player. Razor likes him and he gives everything he has, so he is a good guy to be in the lineup. He won't wow you with stats, but he is a good role player.

Despite the main goal of developing players, they also do what they can to keep a "team" intact and give the team a chance to win.
well, waiving Sasser would cerainly clear rom for Fields, but he went 0-4 again tonight, so the Fields to AA Train is stuck in neutral right now.

The Sox could have 3 or 4 position players ready to move up to AA in a month or so, so they are going to have to do something eventually. Maybe they wait and see how Birmingham starts the second half? Sometimes there is far less logic to these things than we give them credit for, lol!
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