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Originally Posted by Rex Hudler
I agree with you..... I was surprised they started in W-S, let alone were told Bham could be on the horizon. It may have just been a negotiation tactic. But if they perform and they earn a late callup, fine by me. I just don't think we will see Fields in 3 weeks.

I definitely think Anderson and Rogowski are next up, but I am curious who they will move to make room. Hell, there are 26 players in Birmingham now!
Becker, Sasser, Murphy, maybe Bikowski? They can also move a guy or 2 up to replace a career minor leaguer in Charlotte? I guess I could see them makinig room for a couple of guys, but i'm still dumbfoundned why Rogowski wasn't promoted but Becker, essentially a non-prospect was.
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