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Originally Posted by Randar68
I have no problem with getting Fields a taste of action in AA for the last month or month and a half. Lumsden is not as advanced a pitcher as I'd expect to make AA in such a short time. If it's a short stint at the end of the year, i have no problem.

not sayinig you're wrong or right, but that is often something thrown at players just drafted to get them all excited and more eager to sign quickly. We'll see, but i certainly hope both earn it, no problem then!

BTW, seems i was right about Gonzalez starting in Rookie League. Again with a good probability of promottion, but Bristol -> Great Falls is a long flight!
I agree with you..... I was surprised they started in W-S, let alone were told Bham could be on the horizon. It may have just been a negotiation tactic. But if they perform and they earn a late callup, fine by me. I just don't think we will see Fields in 3 weeks.

I definitely think Anderson and Rogowski are next up, but I am curious who they will move to make room. Hell, there are 26 players in Birmingham now!
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