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Originally Posted by CubKilla
My point, in conjunction with my quote, was that we haven't had a minor league prospect pan out since MB..... and he was a low pick with relatively no fanfare. Our recent minor league call-ups with-in the White Sox Organization give failure a bad name. Few of them have been worth the time wasted posted about them. And if they have been, they were originally picked by a team other than the White Sox.
While I'm not defending the Sox farm system because while it is not ranked among the best (and it doesn't deserve to be) it is highly overrated. We keep hearing about all this talent and developing players yet the team is too afraid to bring up Borchard/Reed when our All Star RFer gets hurt and instead opts to bring up a no hitting catcher. I just saw the numbers by our RFer's since Magglio's injury and think that Reed/Borchard could have done better and would have been worth wasting an option.

But on the flipside the Sox are wasting options on guys like Diaz, Rauch, and Munoz. Instead of sticking with one for more then 2 starts they start shuffling everyone around. Is it because these guys aren't as good as they appear? Also, will someone please explain how bringing up a young guy who may not be ready for the majors (Munoz) to get shellacked and then immediately send him down is a good thing for player development?

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