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Originally Posted by gosox41
Wells never pitched bad enough here to have anywhere near a 12 ERA. The fact is Wells didn't mesh with Nardi's pitching style. Wells is a power pitcher and Nardi is sitting there telling all his pitchers to nit pick at hte corners. Location matters, don't get me wrong, but it matters a lot more for Buehrle hten it does for Wells.
wrong... wrong... wrong.

Nardi was guilty of mishandling his pitchers in many ways, but that wasn't one of them. That assertion is unfounded and simply uninformed. Nardi was not a good mesh for mentally weak pitchers and didn't work particularly well with young guys. Basically strolling to the mound and yelling at his pitchers "Just throw ****ing STRIKES!" when they lose command, their release point, etc., isn't a real effective method of coaching pitchers, and it particularly doesn't mesh well with fragile young ones.
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