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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
Honestly though, neither does Abreu. 1B and middle-of-the-order production for two non-competitive seasons is no more urgent of a “need” than anything else, so you may as well cash in the asset at its highest value. That may take place now, or that may take place in July if nothing materializes this offseason, but waiting until 2019 will result in a loss of trade value.

Besides, elite cost-controlled pitching is always a need.
I hear you on that but I'm also going to disagree a little bit because I value the presence of an on-field leader of his nature during the rebuild. Abreu takes his job very seriously and I think the younger guys, not just the Cubans, see that and take it seriously.

I also think Abreu will still be producing at a high level in 2019-2020-2021, his age 32-33-34 seasons. The White Sox should be entering contention during those years and having a veteran presence in the middle of line-up will help take some of the pressure off of young guys like Jiminez and Robert.

That said, if someone makes an offer that provides overwhelming return in prospects then I agree the Sox should cash out at peak value. I just don't see something along the lines of Bradley-Groome being better than keeping him. In my opinion he fills short and long term needs while they don't.

(And yes, pitching is always a need but I don't see Groome as anything particularly special that we couldn't obtain in a better deal or by giving up less)
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