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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
The five or six guys who are having good-to-great years are the reason they are close to .500. The bottom half of this roster is poor. This team has several players that don't belong in the major leagues, and there are at least four guys in the everyday lineup who would not start on a contending team.

I feel like you're watching a different team than I am. I'm just baffled that you think they should be contending. Time to agree to disagree.

I don't know that Ventura is the right guy to lead this team when it's ready to contend. That remains to be seen. But I don't think he's holding the team back right now. Every fan base gripes about their manager. I don't think that our gripes are much different than the gripes fans of other teams make. Most fans think their manager is an idiot, and that other teams have better managers.
Please show me where I said this team should be contending.

I don't care what fan bases do even though there are lots of bad managers in the game. I care about specific things Ventura does and doesn't do that screw this team's chances of winning. Really, can anyone here justify Ventura allowing Sale to pitch himself on to the disabled list earlier this year? That alone was a fireable offense. Can anyone explain the times Ventura has inserted a pinch-runner after a pitch or two has been thrown to the next hitter? Or how about the times he hasn't asked for a review after replays show the Sox would have won the appeal? This stuff is Mickey Mouse.

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