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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
Just got back from soggy US Cellular Field. The bottom of the 6th was a pretty fun inning because the rain really started picking up and everyone knew this was basically the de facto bottom of the 9th so the crowd was hanging on every pitch. The game was likely to get called shortly afterward. Flowers really picked up Beckham and De Aza with that 2 RBI base hit. It was a fun game despite all the rain.

Speaking of Flowers, he is hitting something like .400 since the glasses and is really barreling up the ball right now. It can't be that simple, can it? I'm not sure if I'm buying into it but it is certainly nice to see some actual production out of the catcher spot even if it is just a hot streak.

Side note for anyone who was wondering: Alex Rios received polite applause from the crowd in his first AB and I heard no boos whatsoever.
Why not? He evidently had trouble seeing before and now he can. Sometimes it is just that simple.
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