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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Why? I hear and read comments like that all the time, but nobody has ever presented any proof that it's a detriment.

I'm aware that we're playing for nothing this year and probably next year, too. Nevertheless, there are 162 major league games to play this season and next season, too. Somebody's gotta pitch all those innings. Right now, the Sox are woefully short on arms.

The only way you trade Danks is if you're getting multiple pitchers in return, including at least one MLB-ready arm. Given his salary level and declining skills, I sincerely doubt Danks will fetch that in a trade. I think he has more value on the roster than he does in a trade, in fact.

I always get a kick out of this notion that teams should "sell high" on a guy. If we as fans think Danks might not sustain the level he's pitching at right now, don't you suppose rival scouts and GMs might be thinking the same thing? They are looking at the same pitcher we're watching. Who do we think we're fooling anyway?
The Yankees are the only team likely to make a move for Danks, and their offer is likely to be something in the range of "We'll pay him".
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