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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
I thought McCarver was done, but he's doing a game on MLB Network right now. I think it might be the Cardinals local Fox feed, unless he's working directly for MLB and they're just using the Cardinals video feed.
I was living in Knoxville when Tennessee beat Florida State in the Fiesta Bowl for the 1998 NCAA football championship. This was a very big deal for folks who grew up in Tennessee, their last title having been about 50 years previous. Instead of the team getting its due in the waning moments, virtually every bit of that ABC air time was spent on the retiring Keith Jackson paying tribute to himself, as if the game was totally secondary. UT fans were furious, as you could imagine, just as Sox fans were when ESPN's crew covered the ALDS win over Boston as the end of something great.

Jackson's "retirement" was brief, and he was back announcing NCAA football the next fall. He and McCarver (oh, and Boomer, too) stand out as a pompous asses in a profession not lacking them.
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