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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
The owners of the bad guys on the Northside have claimed over and over that 40% of there attendance comes from out of state. I've always thought that number was rather high but they know there fan base better than I do. I haven't been to there park in years.
If they define "from out of state" as tourists AND transplants, then 40% actually seems low to me. Keep in mind, a big chunk of Wrigley attendees on any given day are the Lincoln Park party set, and many of those folks are 20-somethings who just moved here from all over the Midwest after college. You can also figure that any tourist who comes to Chicago during a Cubs homestand is likely to squeeze Wrigley into their itinerary.

It seems unlikely to me that 60% of any given Cubs home game is native/long-term Chicagoans.
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