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I couldn't come on here and post about this last night, I thought it was better just go to bed. I had to gameday this one as I often do for CSN games, so I couldn't actually watch how Sale looked, but the results in the bottom of the 7th had me nervous. I got the feeling he was laboring, but you can never really tell following on gameday.

After the first two hitters in the Angels had hits for 4 out of the last 5 batters after being helpless for the first 7 2/3rds. I know this is Chris Sale we're talking about, but he was over 100 pitches, pitched a complete game last game on short rest, and already did his job at that point.

After 6 hits and a fielder reaching on an error over 8 at bats and the pitch count nearing 120 I am just glad I didn't wake up to find out he was injured. Not because I think he'll break after 110 pitches, but because of the count combined with the result. It's not usual to see him knocked around like that.
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