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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Wasn't it a changeup that Trout hit out of the ballpark? I was listening on the radio, and that's what Ed and DJ said. If that's true, I'll be the prick who questions the pitch selection in that situation.

I feel like whenever a Sox pitcher gets to a full count against a good hitter, our catcher always calls for something offspeed. Always. It's to a point where I feel like opposing hitters are sitting on it. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to throw the heater on 3-2 with the bases loaded, especially when you've got a pitcher who throws as hard as Sale.

Some might say Trout would be expecting a fastball in that spot, but I'm not so sure. I think a lot of your better hitters look offspeed in those situations, figuring the pitcher doesn't want to give in with a fastball. So throw him the fastball, especially if you're Chris Sale. If you're John Danks and don't have a good fastball anymore, OK, maybe the changeup is the right pitch. But I would prefer to see Sale attack with the heater in a spot like that.
I'm with you. My only thought on this is maybe Flowers didn't think they could get a fastball by Trout. Every fastball in that sequence had been fouled off by Trout. I'm going by memory here. I think Trout went down 0-2 early by fouling pitches away. Sale backed him off the plate with a fastball up and in, then he tried to get Trout to chase one away but missed too far outside, evening the count at 2-2. Trout fouled off one or two more fastballs, and then Sale missed again to make it 3-2. I just thinking they were trying to trick him with a changeup since he hadn't seen anything offspeed yet in the at-bat, and Trout was all over it.
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