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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
Check this out: at the beginning of the Cub-Marlin game, the Cub broadcast has a segment called "walk off wins." They show highlights of "some exciting finishes around baseball," like walk off hits in the Dodger-Rockies, D-Backs- Braves and Padres-Nats games. And then Len Kasper pointed out that Mike Trout hit a game tying grand slam that helped the Angels overcome a 5-0 deficit to defeat the South Siders 6-5.

Anyone else think they ran the piece just as an excuse to take a dig at the Sox? Talk about twisting the knife with mustard and relish!
Eh, it's a tough call. It didn't happen in the 9th, but I can see how that could be considered exciting as Trout's homer happened in the bottom of the 8th against one of the best pitcher's in baseball.

All that said, **** Len Casper. He got his job after three other people turned it down. He's a leftover, and he knows it.
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