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Originally Posted by Stanley View Post
It's pretty absurd to see you react this way, because you aren't the least bit aware of how ridiculous you look when you merely repeat what other scouts and baseball have written about the kid and then pass it off as fact, or first hand knowledge. I mean, the show you are putting on right now is just like reading a glowing review of a movie online, and then claiming you know the movie is awesome as well..without having even seen the movie or knowing what goes into making a good movie.

Don't be afraid to think for yourself once in a while. I mean, you act like I just offended your mother by voicing an opinion about Carlos Rodon.
The thing is, it is not that you dislike Rodon, that is fine. It is that you are making crazy statements like he throws 91, which he doesn't, has a flat slider, which he doesn't, or that is just like Clayton Richard, which he isn't.

In terms of knowing prospects or not (or what goes in to making a good movie), I know you are newer to WSI, but Rdivaldi is about as knowledge as it comes when it comes to prospects.
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