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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
Rundown of my reaction to the eighth inning-

Start of the inning- "Sale's still in there, okay, I guess."

Erick Aybar doubles- "That sucks. No need to keep Sale in here, probably best to get the bullpen going."

Chris Iannetta singles, Aybar scores- "Well, there goes the shutout. Time to get Sale out of there."

Alexei's error- "God damn it. Get Sale the hell out of there."

Howie Kendrick singles to load the bases- "What the **** are you doing, Robin???"

Mike Trout comes to the plate, Sale is still on the mound- "WHY THE **** IS ROBIN THROWING SALE UNDER THE BUS AGAINST MIKE ****ING TROUT????

Mike Trout ties the game- "MOTHER****ER!!!!"

Robin replaces Sale with Petricka- "NOW??? NOW YOU GET OFF YOUR ASS AND PULL HIM?"

Petricka gives up back to back to back singles for the winning run- "I ****ing quit."

That's how long Robin had an opportunity to do something, anything about that inning.
Pretty much mirrored my feelings as well-

BUT- Sale was hitting mid-90's during Trout's AB, Alexei's error was the difference between getting out of the inning up 5-4 (assuming Trout still homers, with a base open you might pitch around Trout) v. down 6-5- and Petricka didn't do his job once he came in.

If Sale is throwing mid- 90's- it's a tough call on letting one of the best pitchers in MLB face one of the best hitters or going to the pen.

Leaving Petricka in to face Aybar vs. Downs didn't make any sense at all- LH's hit way better vs. Petricka and Aybar hits better from the LH side vs. RH-

(Viciedo now 0-9 in the series, .206 over the past 30 days, Flowers .197 over the past 30)
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