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The eighth inning became a parallel universe. Sale was being Sale up to that point and I thought he might get a complete game. Then pieces of the wall started falling off. Even when Trout came to bat I thought Sale would get out of it.

I was writing a TBGR in the eighth inning expecting a victory. That went out the window at the end of the inning and I wrote a new one (some technical glitch is delaying its posting -- we're working on it). I know it's statistical weirdness, but the Sox haven't won a game on a Saturday this year. Somewhere there must be a sabrmetrician who knows what the record is for that. At 0-10 the Sox are probably leading that category.

I'd like to blame Ventura too, but I agree that Sale was cruising until then and with a five-run lead he's the best shot for the eighth. But it's tough.

What's worrisome is Abreu. He looked overmatched out there last night. Just hope we don't read about another injury.
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