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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
I bet he got the do not question decisions on the field message from above, as his partner has always abided by.
Well, I can tell you that Darrin Jackson and, to a lesser but significant extent, Ed Farmer regularly criticize the team. They don't take cheap shots or belabor things, but they tell you what's happening. I know people are fond of criticizing the Sox radio team, but Jackson and Farmer called things the way they saw them in 2013 and are doing so again this season. Nobody in any other baseball booth in Chicago can touch their daily honesty.

To the person who felt the need to include an eye-roll after I called out Stone, my point, of course, was not to say that it affected the game. I suspect you knew that, but just couldn't help an inclination to take umbrage at something even if it was a phantom point. My point of calling out Stone was just to note that he's another guy not doing his job, and probably for the same reasons that those in the dugout are not doing theirs. Ventura is afraid to take out Sale, Cooper and Parent are afraid to school Ventura, and Stone is afraid to tell the viewer what's happening.

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