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Rundown of my reaction to the eighth inning-

Start of the inning- "Sale's still in there, okay, I guess."

Erick Aybar doubles- "That sucks. No need to keep Sale in here, probably best to get the bullpen going."

Chris Iannetta singles, Aybar scores- "Well, there goes the shutout. Time to get Sale out of there."

Alexei's error- "God damn it. Get Sale the hell out of there."

Howie Kendrick singles to load the bases- "What the **** are you doing, Robin???"

Mike Trout comes to the plate, Sale is still on the mound- "WHY THE **** IS ROBIN THROWING SALE UNDER THE BUS AGAINST MIKE ****ING TROUT????

Mike Trout ties the game- "MOTHER****ER!!!!"

Robin replaces Sale with Petricka- "NOW??? NOW YOU GET OFF YOUR ASS AND PULL HIM?"

Petricka gives up back to back to back singles for the winning run- "I ****ing quit."

That's how long Robin had an opportunity to do something, anything about that inning.
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