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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
I have defended Hawk in the past, but I admit it is getting harder.

Just recently...last couple of weeks, he seems to have gone off the reservation a bit more.

Last nite was bad. It is like now he and even Stoney are fitting the game action around the telling of random stories....this has flipped from the other way around, recently.

At times, Hawk seems disinterested in the actual action on the field, as he wants to get that story out more.
Last nite, Stoney was in the middle of a story, and then the action occurred and Stoney flipped to the game, but then Hawk encouraged him to get right back to the story...not appropriate.

Stoney is smart enough to know what is happening in the booth and I have to think he has either just given up and is layinen g down to Hawks style or he is also enjoying this approach...I think it is the former.

Sox need to nip this trend in the is drifting toward weird.
The trend is present in a lot of local television broadcasts I see. The trend is to put former ballplayers in the booths, promote them as stars of the telecast and have them tell stories sometimes. The worst thing is the half inning when there is a special guest in the booth promoting a charity event or something. The game is going on, stuff is happening on your television, and the talk is about how many the horror of some childhood disease or you're hearing about the pink bats and pink hats that will be seen later in the week to support the ongoing fight against breast cancer. Oh, and so-and-so is out on a nice play by so-and-so. I wish the half inning didn't go by so fast so we could have more time to visit. It is even more maddening on radio.

This is off topic, but such story-telling and interviewing becoming more common on local baseball television. I don't know if such things have been forced upon Vin Scully, but I get the impression his producers know better than to ask.
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