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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
Is his approach shaped by his solo act? Telling stories about the old days might seem kind of weird when he is the only one in the booth.
I would think that being solo would prompt a desire to just describe the action in front of him.

I agree that Hawk has drifted too far astray at times this year...especially lately.

Maybe if he was the only one in the booth he would cut to the straight reporting? ok...just kidding.
Vin Scully's announcing style was shaped by his mentor Red Barber. He really is no different working alone than he was with a partner. His natonal work, for example, was always done with a partner.

It isn't that I've never heard him allude to baseball history or talk about baseball things outside of the game. A couple of times, once on a national telecast, he related that manager Jim Leyland told Pirate (future White Sox) pitcher Jose DeLeon he would have to start pitching inside, and DeLeon responded with "I've been traded to the Astros?" When he told that story on the national telecast, he left DeLeon nameless.

I used to watch Dodgers games when all I could get was SoCal baseball and the Mets, not because I liked the Dodgers, but becasue I loved listening to Vin Scully talk about the game in front of him and occasionally the game in general. Seeing a package of Farmer John hot dogs in the store makes me happy because it conjures up the sound of his voice in my head. Maybe some people feel the same about Ken Harrelson, but for the hot dogs.

But for me, it isn't about the stories, so much. Vin Scully doesn't complain about umpires even when he has pointed out umpires' mistake, and when he talks about Dodgers history, he doesn't do it in the context of "this is how the game should be played."
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