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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
After a hitter gets knocked down and stares down the pitcher, does Vin Scully launch into a story about how Jackie Robinson in such situation wouldn't posture, he would lay down a bunt up the first base line and rip open the leg of whoever was covering first? I used to hear such stories when I was a kid. I heard them from my father who grew up a Dodger fan in New Jersey and listened to the games on the radio. He listened to Red Barber and Vin Scully.

I listened to a lot of Vin Scully in when I was living in Southwestern Arizona. I don't recall him launching into Jackie Robinson or Duke Snider stories or even Don Drysdale stories. It isn't that he doesn't have reverence for the history of the game. I always got the impression that he knows the game, its history and has has the greatest respect for it. It's that he focuses on the game in front of him.

Vin Scully is about the game.

Is his approach shaped by his solo act? Telling stories about the old days might seem kind of weird when he is the only one in the booth.
I would think that being solo would prompt a desire to just describe the action in front of him.

I agree that Hawk has drifted too far astray at times this year...especially lately.

Maybe if he was the only one in the booth he would cut to the straight reporting? ok...just kidding.
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