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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
I'm sure Hahn/KW will wait before making any moves. The team just got healthy (for the most part) and now they'll likely sit back and see what they got over the next month or so before deciding. Luckily, the deadline isn't until July 31st.

If they trade Micah Johnson, Tim Anderson, and Tyler Danish for 1.5 seasons of Jeff Samardzija, they deserve all the scrutiny you can muster. However, if they trade a Jared Mitchell for a Brandon McCarthy or a Trace Thompson for a Huston Street, then you shouldn't lose any sleep.

Ugh. Hated it then, and still hate it. Never felt lower as a Sox fan. An absolute PR disaster of a trade that ultimately yielded them only two useful relief pitchers and nothing more. Pennant races should never be surrendered when you are 3 games back. The Tribe lost 8 in a row after the deal too. Bad memories. This is likely a topic for another thread though.
I agree, especially with the bolded parts. The White Flag Trade was only mitigated (to a small extent IMO) with the 2000 division title. Even so, still don't like it to this day.

If someone wants to give us someone of any kind of value for Jared Mitchell or someone similar, I say take it and don't look back.
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