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The Sox are in a great spot to fully get on board with the reload.

Injuries are starting to hit, so you could get great value for a guy like Ramirez, even Beckham's value is close to an all time high (atleast post realization he is not a star player), Dunn could net you a couple prospects, heck even Danks might have value if he can keep his ERA below 4.50.

The thing you have to ask yourself when viewing this team: Would you rather have a year like 2 years ago, where the Sox compete but end up not making the playoffs, or maybe sneak in and get knocked out in round 1. Or would you rather the Sox unloaded some aging, non-long term pieces, and went into next year DEEP, with more young talent playing at the mlb level to go along with the depth to trade for players who help us when we are legitimately contenders.
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