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Originally Posted by kufram View Post
Exactly. Nobody is talking about mortgaging the future. We're a third of the way through the season and I'm hearing nothing but people saying that, should the opportunity present itself, you can't throw away today's possibilities. The future comes sooner than you think sometimes.
I think there are a few players that MAY not be part of the long term plan and could bring some talent in return (Ramirez and Beckham)- but if traded, the Sox are "white flagging it" when they are currently in a contending position (obviously could change between now and trade deadline)- those are prob the challenging decisions.

I don't think De Aza or Dunn will present much of a challenge- they aren't going to really bring anything in return any way that will help with rebuilding.

For me- I hope 100% that they keep Ramirez- we don't have a SS prospect on the way in the farm system- and I think we CAN contend in 2015- and hate to throw away another year or two on rebuilding while we have Abreu/Sale/Quintana + a number of pre-arb starting position players on the roster (A. Garcia, Eaton, Gillaspie, Flowers, etc.).

I like Beckham as well- but with the number of prospects on the way (mostly Sanchez and maybe Semian- I'm convinced Micah is headed towards LF based on his defense)- you have to consider it if you can get a good pitching prospect.
Players that are an important part of the rebuild:
Anderson, Fulmer, Giolito, Lopez, Moncada
Players that might be or could have trade value:
Abreu, Bummer, Davidson, Fry, A. Garcia, Jones, Sanchez
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