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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
Really? I'm alone in not wanting young kids to hear crap like dadgummit, that is BS, you gotta be bleeping me, etc coming from the TV during a White Sox game? I know in my youth my parents never would have wanted me to hear crap like that.
I mean, everyone gets to parent how they want. The way I raise my kids will be different than others, and so on and so fourth. Im not saying I totally agree with my buddy, or that listening to Hawk rant that way WILL have that impact on his kids, but he thinks it might, so he isn't watching the Sox infront of his kid and that is his right and really no one can tell him he is right or wrong. It is just a belief.

The reason this seems like a big deal to me is baseball is not an overly EXCITING game when you are a kid. You tend to get more into it because you watch with your dad, or uncle, or grandpa, or a friend etc. If there are adults turning it off, that means their are kids who are not growing up with the White Sox in their lives.

Again, is it all kids, no. Is Hawk egregiously vulgar, not by means. But Hawk is causing more and more people to not tune in, be it the ranting, the pouting, the craziness, and that is just not a good thing.
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