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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
A couple years ago the Sox acquired Francisco Liriano for essentially nothing (Escobar whose a nice little middle infleld utility player, but we have seemingly dozens of those and Pedro Hernandez who is still a pretty lousy pitcher)...

So I could realistically see the Sox trying to flip 1-2 mediocre guys out of their upper MILB roster pool. Looking at the guys who will be FA after this year, a couple of potential targets... AJ Burnett, Roberto Heredia Hernandez, Colby Lewis, Brandon McCarthy, Edinson Volquez...

Just throwing that out there.
Something like the Liriano trade is exactly the type of move I could see the Sox making. A small market team could look to dump a couple months of salary on the Sox for a mid tier prospect. I don't see the Sox going "all in" and trying to acquire a James Shields or Jeff Samardzija and they probably won't. However, I have no problem at all if management decides to add a veteran player or two if they feel they can win this year. Honestly, I think some Sox fans are too in love with the rebuild "get bad before you get good" idea to accept the fact that the Sox *could* make the postseason this year. Isn't that the ultimate goal after all? I doubt Hahn is going to mortgage the entire future for this year but they also shouldn't bury their head in the sand and pretend they aren't 3 games back in the AL Central.
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