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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Come on. Of all the crap on tv that the FCC lets slide, Hawk's "screaming and cursing" is what parents are worried about? Hopefully the kids can watch some educational programming like the Kardashians or Mob Wives then if they're not watching Sox baseball. Or perhaps they'll become Rays fans because of the great DeWayne Staats.
Oh for ****'s sake, tone down the hyperbole. Like any parent would let their kids watch that crap anyway. It's completely unprofessional for Hawk to say things like "Dadgummit!" and "You gotta be bleeping me!" multiple times a game. If I had a young kid (2-10 years old) I wouldn't want him listening to Sox games because of those phrases.

Hawk Harrelson adds NOTHING to a White Sox broadcast. He's a homer and he's not entertaining. I am so sick of hearing about Yaz and crap that happened 50 years ago that I usually end up turning the game off or muting the TV. He doesn't describe anything that is happening and has his moments where he's either pissed at what happened or must not like what Stone was talking about where he is just silent for long stretches of time. It's brutal.
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