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Originally Posted by shingo10 View Post
Is there any proof of that besides what guys like Boers and Bernstein say? I have a hard time believing that a young baseball fan would say "nah I'm not gonna watch my favorite team play baseball because I can't stand the announcer." If anything most tv's come with mute buttons. The product on the field is what bears watching or not in my opinion.
The thing is, most young kids dont have a favorite team yet. I have younger kids, and know a bunch of parents with kids in the 5-10 range who won't watch the Sox because they don't want their kids hearing Hawk screaming and cursing on the tv. Others grow tired of the constant umpire complaining. Hawk isn't bringing kids to the park, that is for sure.

I just long for the days when the Sox aren't a joke. Even when our play is good, Hawk Harrelson is a national circus act (what other home team TV announcers get national articles written about them and their homerism)? Our fan base can't go 1 day without some stupid trolling of the cubs. I really do believe that a large portion of our fan base would rather the Cubs lose than the Sox win.

Its a really exciting time to be a White Sox fan, a lot of good young talent, should be an exciting July trade deadline, even if we are sellers, Abreu is a monster, and we keep getting shadowed by Hawk making a spectacle of himself, or our fans worried more about Theo or the Wrigley Renovation.
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