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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
I happened to turn these two clowns on for a bit this afternoon to hear them crapping all over Hawk with their typical old-man-hate schtick, which is funny since Boers is not that far behind Hawk and actually looks much worse for wear.

But, the statement came up that "all Hawk nicknames are horrible."

Now, I can't recall how many fizzled out, but Big Hurt, 1-Dog and El Caballo are pretty damn great, with Frank's being obviously the most enduring and perfect nickname for any big league player I can remember.

I'm not sure how you can take anyone seriously when they make ridiculous comments like that.
I am not a big B & B fan, I am able to pick up the act of the show and tolerate them sometimes. But its funny. You are calling them out for extreme hyperbole, while defending Hawk and his own extreme hyperbole. You can be biased if you want, and thats fine, every fan has that right, but its almost the exact same thing.
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