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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
Of the second basemen who have played regularly for the White Sox for a number of years, you probably have to go back to Julio Cruz to find one better than Beckham.

Getz? No way.
Iguchi? Great hands, but limited range and only an average arm.
Durham? Great range, but weak arm and average hands.
Cora? Not in Beckham's league.

Maybe Scott Fletcher during his second tour with the team was as good/better defensively than Beckham (ironically, Fletcher is Beckham's father-in-law). Am I forgetting anyone who played regularly? Uribe and Alexi were quite good at second, but didn't play there for long. Obviously, these are subjective impressions.
They flashed on the scoreboard last week the top Sox second base fielding percentages ever. Beckham had a few in the top seven or so, but Fletcher's 1990 season was I think in the top three. Iguchi was decent but my memory of him was constantly getting destroyed at second on double plays.
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