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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
After a game like last nite, I like to give myself some time to cool off before posting.

That was a crying shame....Jose was in a great groove right up until that ball went under Gordo's glove.

I am very pleased with the development of Quintana. He has kept adding to his game, and seems very sound physically, which is a huge bonus.

If either Gordo or Conor make the plays, Sox probably win that game.
Dodgers are stuggling offensively outside of Puig right now, and I think the Sox handle them the rest of the game.

But, Beckham is a very good defensive 2nd baseman. He makes some spectacular plays, so not going to bail on him due to one play. If Conor makes his play, then Gordo's is meaningless.

I like Gilaspie a lot at the plate, but clearly, he is just ok in the field.
I can still see him as a platoon guy at third and filling in at 1st base ect.

Good to see Abreu mash from day one. Too bad it was not a game-winner.
If Konerko is at first base, Gillaspie's throw might not be an error. You also don't have a 2-0 lead. Gillaspie's play last night doesn't represent what he brings to the team. The same applies to Beckham.

Every major league first baseman, just about every one in any case, saves infielders from errors on bad throws. Abreu doesn't do it as often as Konerko has over the years. Gillaspie's error was in no way Abreu's fault, but if Matt Davidson hasn't appreciably improved defensively, and the Sox stick him at third base next season, as has been expected, Abreu is going to have to become much better at fielding really awful throws. Maybe that will come with a lot of practice.

Gillaspie, though, is probably the best defensive third baseman the Sox have in their system if you're looking at those who can hit major league pitching. I wouldn't write him off because of a bad game.
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