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After a game like last nite, I like to give myself some time to cool off before posting.

That was a crying shame....Jose was in a great groove right up until that ball went under Gordo's glove.

I am very pleased with the development of Quintana. He has kept adding to his game, and seems very sound physically, which is a huge bonus.

If either Gordo or Conor make the plays, Sox probably win that game.
Dodgers are stuggling offensively outside of Puig right now, and I think the Sox handle them the rest of the game.

But, Beckham is a very good defensive 2nd baseman. He makes some spectacular plays, so not going to bail on him due to one play. If Conor makes his play, then Gordo's is meaningless.

I like Gilaspie a lot at the plate, but clearly, he is just ok in the field.
I can still see him as a platoon guy at third and filling in at 1st base ect.

Good to see Abreu mash from day one. Too bad it was not a game-winner.
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