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Originally Posted by Tragg
Yes, Beckham, Dunn, Alexei and a few others should be on the block. Not in the Rios giveaway mode, but if someone offers to overpay, accept.
It's definitely a good idea to shop around for a return on him, but I don't see Alexei Ramirez getting traded. He's got two more years left on his contract after this year (2016 is a team option, but that looks like a no-brainer to be picked up, unless 2015 turns out to be a disaster with him,) which either provides enough time for Tim Anderson to develop, or if Anderson still needs another season or two in the minors, to find another temporary solution. Like you said, someone would need to be overpaying to convince me to get rid of him.

The others? Full speed ahead. I'm even willing to go into Rios giveaway mode for Adam Dunn, and if by some miracle anyone shows interest in them, Scott Downs and Alejandro De Aza as well. Any money saved would be enough of a return to not worry about what gets sent back here.

The Gordon Beckham situation is getting tricky. I would think that another two solid months at the plate up to the deadline would buy him another two months in August and September to see if he really has turned the corner.
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